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Do you prefer side-scrolling action video games? If you play Shadow Knight Premium, you will be the knight who saves the world! Battle monsters to save the world today!

There are currently a number of side-scrolling games available. Although these games are in 2D, they are quite addictive and enjoyable. If you haven’t tried them, you must.

Playing the game will help you save Harmonia. There are human, orc, dwarves, ghost, undead, elf, and beast men among these people.

The sooner you start your game, the sooner you can prevent the world from falling into ruins. You will travel to forests, dungeons, towns, and more in this epic adventure.

There are many battles in today’s game, and you can earn many achievements by completing many levels. At the current time, you can also upgrade your skills and weapons so that you can have epic battles. Happy gaming!

Prior to the arrival of the dark forces of hell, Harmonia was inhabited by a bright world.

The samurai ninja warriors of Shadow Knight must defeat the shadow wars’ immortals of darkness in order to save Harmonia from the shadow wars. Are you ready?

Take part in this combat game now!


Shadow Knight Premium Features

Feeling of an extreme ninja game

Play this action RPG fighting game as a ninja warrior or samurai in this dark fantasy world. Running, climbing, and jumping across different types of complex terrain will reveal some interesting mystery points!

Games such as Adventure Fantastic Fighting Games

With your ninja warrior by your side, you and your friend will engage in endless dark fantasy battles. Play as a powerful warrior, a skilled ninja, or a samurai as you explore dungeons, forests, and towns. Become a shadow legend to conquer ultimate enemies and powerful bosses!

▶ Gear Up In Style

Select from hundreds of weapons, equipment, and runes to create your own samurai ninja warrior. Prepare to engage in the most harrowing battles in Your Knight, Your Style!

▶ Complete missions to earn rewards

You can get the most rewards by completing as many quests as you can. There are still more than 100 accomplishments left for you to complete. You will receive rewards if you complete quests that bring gems, energy, keys, etc.

It’s easy to upgrade

Warriors continue to train and gather resources during your absence. Within a few days of your return, they will have new skills, levels, and be stronger. Train a powerful team of Ninja warriors and prepare to fight! Completing quests that reward you with gems, energy, keys, etc. can be rewarding.


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* Notice:

Shadow Knight requires a stable internet connection since it is an online game.


  • Invincibility
  • You have unlimited access to everything
  • Gems and money are unlimited
  • Shop for free
  • The adventure that ends in death


  • Invincibility
  • Damage of a high level


  • Menus for Mods
  • The God Modifier
  • Enemy is disabled
  • Cooldowns for skills are not required
  • Stages of auto-winning

It is a Shadow game in which players control warriors fighting against dark enemies. You can play different levels at your leisure and access them quickly. The character change feature will also allow you to promptly alter your tactics. There are a variety of bosses in every chapter of the game.


Shadow Knight Premium download

Shadow Knight includes a wide variety of races, including Humans, Elves, and Undead. This peace was shattered one day by armies of hell. These were creatures of darkness that were entirely different from any other race. The shadow knight is one who fights these entities, bringing light to Harmonia.

Shadow game worlds usually contain characters and enemies with the same color, black.

The weapons of Shadow Knights, for example, will be differentiated by color.

The game’s environment uses pale colors like fog to enhance the character’s color. You’ll then travel to many different places and battle gradually appearing enemies.


This is a video game that lets players control characters using their hands in a 2D environment. You will face enemies of varying strengths, but the character will be easy to control.

As well as monsters of all sorts, there are also elite enemies. You will control a character to fight them when they are trying to take you down.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new attacks, jumps, and skills. Their availability will be indicated at each stage. By using combined attacks, you can optimize the killing of enemies and create impressive combos.

Moreover, anyone who plays this game will enjoy the fact that they are able to control more than one character at the same time.


The game will then display you the levels of the level you selected. The left side of the screen shows two characters that you will control. Whenever you want to change your character, you can do so as soon as the game begins.

Ashley’s gun will be used for long-range attacks, while Noah’s will be for melee attacks. These characters thus possess very different weapons and abilities.

It will take time for the character to cool down after changing. The experience gained by the two characters will also be equal if a player participates in a level with only one character.

Their level and stats will increase once they reach the experience limit. Then your confidence will grow, and you will be able to take on bosses more easily and achieve your goals faster.

A side-scrolling platform of epic proportions

There are breathtaking action sequences, stories, and adventures in this game developed by Fansipan Limited. In order to prevent the world from plunging into chaos and shadow wars, your goal is to prevent chaos from descending.

This can be accomplished by defeating monsters of various races. This book includes many monsters, such as dwarves, orcs, the undead, spirits, beast men, and elves. Many of these monsters await you on your journey today!

Keep up with the best equipment and weapons by leveling up. Gather resources to improve your skills. Battle endlessly now!

Shadow Knight Premium Features

Shadow Knight mod apk Premium Features

If you enjoy action and adventure games, check out its Premium version today! You’ll find some great features in it.

Embark on a journey of challenge:

Recent years have seen a surge of popularity for action/adventure games. The popularity of these games can be explained by their appeal to almost any age group and their addictive nature.

Harmonia can be saved from its doom by getting the Premium version! Because of its fantastic graphics and challenging gameplay, this game is a lot of fun! In this game, there are several levels, each with a unique storyline.

Players can fight a variety of monsters in the game, including Beast Men, Elves, Dwarves, Spirits, Orcs, Undead, Humans, and many others. Jump, run, and climb your way to the top.

You can perform a variety of skills using different firepowers and ranges here. Take your skill and equipment level to the limit today. You can also earn rewards for completing challenges.

Completing missions will reward you in the following ways:

There are many quests to complete in Shadow Knight Premium. You will gain a lot of rewards for completing these challenges. The more challenging tasks you complete, the more rewards you will earn, including gems, energy, keys, and many others. If you fight and earn many achievements today, you will be able to level up and face many more levels. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Weapons and equipment can be upgraded:

Collect the best weapons and equipment here to obliterate your enemies.

You can level up and enhance the power of hundreds of items with runes. Engage in unique battles now to test your strength and strategy. Regardless of your strength, you should strategize!

Fights that made history:

Various types of fights can be found here. Others will require close combat, while others will need long-range battles. You will have to put your all into today’s struggle, regardless of the enemy. The world is not at risk from shadow wars, so don’t be afraid.

Control and skills that are incredible:

During the game, various characters can be used in battle. Each character has a different skill set that can be developed. Build your own combo today!

How does the latest version differ from the previous version?

Wishlist for new weapons in the chest

Avarta: Rebuild Avarta Icon, Rebuild Avarta Ranking Border, Rebuild Arena Battle, Shop, Rewards

Loyalty membership VIP program: New system

Dungeon: New ad for tickets

Added a button to claim all daily quests and achievements

Enhance the event, rebalance the Tavern, and rebalance the Gacha

The game has been optimized and some bugs have been fixed