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Download Share Apps Pro APK for Android (Premium)

Over 10 million downloads of the most popular APK sharing, backup, and transfer app. Sharing Apps pro apk will be introduced in this article.

Do you want to share your applications with your friends? Using WiFi, Bluetooth, Facebook, the Dropbox cloud, and Google Drive cloud, you can share app links with friends.

Is there no wireless network available to you? There’s no problem!

Transferring applications is easy with Bluetooth and cm. Just placing the phones one centimeter apart makes it easy to share.

You can now backup, transfer, and share your app files with ease! Start now by downloading Share Apps.

These features include:

Download Share Apps Pro APK

App Manager Ultimate:

The app allows you to open, share, back up, switch, or uninstall in one click.


Multiple applications can be shared at once.

How to backup your phone:

Send apps to the cloud or move them to your SD Card.

Check out the app:

From the sherit list, select any application


The sherit list can be used to uninstall apps directly.


The application should be linked directly from the Play store.

The interface is simple:

After installing, you’ll understand everything instantly.

Switch Smart:

Transfer your data between your old and new phone with ease

Gain full control of your phone’s apps with Share Apps – APK Transfer, App Sharing & Backup!

How does Share Apps – APK Transfer, App Sharing & Backup work?

From the list of installed apps on your phone, choose any app and select one of these actions:

  • *Share Link – to send an app link on the Play Store
  • *Share APK – to share the application’s APK (application installation file)
  • *Open – to open the application
  • *Uninstall – to remove the app’s file
  • *Backup – copies the app to an SD card

When you tap longer, you’ll see a multiple-choice option for selecting multiple apps

By using Share Apps – APK Transfer, App Sharing & Backup, you can quickly inform your friends about your applications. By selecting an application list item, a package of the application will be sent directly from your memory to your friends.