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The Greedy Cave 2 Mod Apk Download for Android (Unlimited Money)

Trying to keep the adventures going with your friends has never been easier with a new Roguelike RPG that lets you TEAM UP.

Greedy Cave 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, and once again, the story brings together people’s fates. In this adventure, you will encounter monsters in a mysterious dungeon and acquire powerful equipment. The greedy cave mega mod menu apk does not require much ram to run. Team up and explore the Time Gate together as you solve the mystery and share the treasures you find!

Features of The Greedy Cave 2 Mod APK:

  • Cthulhu’s eerie, stygian, and odd art style makes for a multifaceted, immersive gaming experience.
  • Dungeons that generate their loot dynamically! A new adventure awaits you every time!
  • You will face a number of challenging bosses in this game!
  • Your battle strategy depends on the skill tree you choose for each weapon!
  • It’s fun to crawl through dungeons! There are over 300 gears to collect!
  • Recruit and build your own guild in real time while exploring with other players!
  • Amount of money is unlimited
  • All premium features are unlocked
  • You can earn unlimited coins
  • All levels are unlocked
  • There are no ads
  • You have unlimited access to everything


There is only a few instances of a catastrophe long ago, which historians refer to as the first “Gold Rush”, recorded in all the regional libraries of the Sothoth Continent.

An accident involving the discovery of a hidden treasure in a cave led to the beginning of the tale. Several adventurous groups made their way to the cave. Due to the unprecedented adventure fever, some kingdoms rose to prominence while others fell into rot and death, reshaping the continents.

the greedy cave 2 mod apk unlimited gem

However, the truth wasn’t discovered until it was too late. When the army of demons descended from heaven, both heaven and earth lost their colors at the sight of the conspiracy. It is the best game that anyone can play, Greedy cave mod apk.

The spread of the war did not spare anyone. The human race was helpless against it. It was a world-wide catastrophe that destroyed homes after homes, destroyed civilizations, and left few survivors. People almost forgot the name of this continent, Milton, after the catastrophe lasted so long.

When reading this story, you can easily recall what happened recently. Thousand of years later, the sorcerers claimed they had opened a portal to a wonderful world in Basatan, which was surrounded by mountains and worshipped by magic.

Time and space are interwoven in an unimaginable world, where you can see old world images, as well as bizarre creatures that people have never encountered before. What matters is where you will end up, since I can’t control that power, just as they have said before.

People are naturally curious about such insignificant details. A second Gold Rush began today as if it were yesterday, with adventurers from different kingdoms gathering once again…

What’s New in the Latest Version of The Greedy Cave 2?

To Complete the buried forest, open deep red purgatory, and clear customs. Reopen the gate. If you want to share The dog princess mod apk, use anyshare Besides the new levels, new difficulties, new bosses, the appearance of equipment, and new pets, adventurers will enjoy new levels, new difficulties, new bosses, new bosses.

The second level is open with the gold ore grade of 56-60 and the library level of 51-55.

The vocational skills of Jian Shun were adjusted.

What are the steps for installing the game on Android?

  1. Your phone needs to have the apk file
  2. To install the game, copy the “android / obb” folder of “com.avalon.caveonline.global.googleplay”.
  3. The apk file needs to be installed
  4. Be sure to follow each step carefully
  5. Once the app has been installed, open it