This is the smallest battery size you’re willing to settle on

Admin, Thursday, July 21, 2022
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A smartphone’s battery life is determined by various factors, such as the chipset, 5G connectivity, screen technology (including screens with a high refresh rate), and more. However, the battery capacity itself is another important factor in this regard.

What is Android salad Readers are willing to compromise in terms of battery size, though? That’s the question we asked in last week’s survey, and that’s what you told us.

What is the smallest battery size you would like to iron out?


The poll was published on July 8, with over 1,400 votes received at the time of writing. We specifically noticed at the time that this survey applied to a mid-range or flagship phone with all the bells and whistles (relatively powerful processor, 5G, high refresh rate). After all, a low-end phone with a frugal 4G chipset and a 60Hz screen uses less power and can handle a smaller battery.

So what is the winning choice then? Well, it was a tight race, but the top pick was a 4,501 to 5,000mAh (32.23%) battery. It outperformed the 451-4500 mAh camp, which accounts for 31.6% of the vote. This means that nearly two-thirds of respondents want a minimum battery capacity of 4,001mAh to 5,000mAh.

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In third place was “more than 5000 mA”, with 14.85% of the vote. When you combine these results with the above results, it means that nearly 80% of respondents want their smartphone battery size to be more than 4,000mAh.

Other than that, it was 3,501 to 4,000mAh (11.4%), 3,000 to 3,500mAh (5%), “I don’t care about capacity” (3.4%), and “less than 3,000mAh” (1.5 %) are the last four choices made.


  • 🇦🇺 Marshall: 5000mAh is quite a bit paired with today’s most powerful SoCs. I still find screen time to be a bigger problem. This, despite the underestimation of the importance of inductive wireless charging over the past two years Not The best way to handle the battery.
  • Alpine: 6000mAh combined into the current Moto Z series (3000mAh with another 3000mAh Mophie mod) spoiled me for the normal gap between daily use (the phone has plenty) and special requirements like travel and photography, and it’s frustratingly inconsistent with very clunky portable chargers but the Moto Mod is fun . No idea what I will replace, hopefully after a few more years of active service.
  • Alessandro 87: At least 6000 mAh nowadays….the times when getting 4500 or 5000 gives you 2/3 full days more than… I still love my lenovo p2. I know the soc is more powerol these days but when you get a phone with 5000 it only lasts 1 or 1.5 days not enough for such a big battery. So we need at least 6000mA nowadays
  • Leif Schantz: 4000 mA is the absolute minimum for my needs.
  • This second: I will only buy a phone if the minimum battery capacity is 5000 mAh. Our utility company is notorious for massive power outages during hurricane season. I need a battery that lasts me 2-3 days without electricity.
  • Tenisfrik: 6 inches and less I would go to 4000. Anything bigger is better would be 5000 or more.

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