What’s the smallest battery size you’re willing to settle for on a phone?

Admin, Thursday, July 21, 2022
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Most modern smartphones seem to have relatively large batteries, especially when we look at the mid-range and flagship levels. The introduction of 5G screens and high refresh rate screens may have a major role in this trend.

However, we want to know what’s the smallest battery size you’d like to settle for when buying a new phone. You can make your selection via the survey below and leave a comment if you’d like more details.

What is the smallest battery size you would like to iron out?

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Just to make things clear, assume that the new phone you get is a mid-range or flagship phone and not a budget device. After all, low-cost smartphones tend to miss out on features like high refresh rates and powerful processors (and even 5G in some cases). This means that they tend to be more economical and can get away with using much smaller batteries.

We can understand why you might not be okay with a smaller battery, as some people are used to charging their phones every night. Moreover, today’s fast charging technology often means that you can restore a full charge in less than an hour.

Then again, there are plenty of phones with huge batteries and blazing charging speeds, which gives you the best of both worlds. Additionally, a larger battery means that deterioration over time shouldn’t be as severe as a device with a smaller battery.

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