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Download WhatsApp Gold Apk Latest Version For Android 2022 [Updated]

A best-adjusted version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold comes with the most advanced features. Due to its default gold color, it is sometimes called the gold version of WhatsApp.

Have trouble deciding which version of Whatsapp to use? If you have any questions about the Whatsapp plus Gold Apk, we are here to help. Additionally, we’ll explain why you should download the new 2021 version for your Android device. However, the app isn’t available on Google Play.

How does WhatsApp Gold work?

Developed by Nairton Silva, the WhatsApp gold app is the best version of the standard WhatsApp app. Other names for it include Whatsgold and Abo Arab. coocoo whatsapp apk are very unique and useful for people. You won’t find such wonderful features in any other version of the app. It is currently v8.12.0.

For advanced features, you can use other versions of the official WhatsApp. You may already be familiar with the app‘s important if you are a current user. The app does not have an official website.

WhatsApp Gold Apk File Details:

App NameWhatsapp Gold
App size45 MB
Latest Versionv8.12.0
DeveloperNairton Silva
Total Download60,000+
Last updatedYesterday

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WhatsApp Gold for iPhone:

The following procedure must be followed step by step if you have an iOS device and you want to download WhatsApp plus gold.

  • Safari will open
  • Tutu App can be found by searching
  • Please click on the regular page
  • You can now download the file
  • An alert pops up
  • Install the software
  • You now need to go to the general settings if you see “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”
  • Navigate to the profile and device management page
  • To trust, click here
  • Open the Tutu App again
  • Whatusigold on WhatsApp
  • Download the file by clicking the download button
  • Install WhatsApp as you normally would

Linux and Windows versions of WhatsApp Gold:

WhatsApp gold cannot be used on Linux or Windows due to compatibility issues. king whatsapp apk does not require much ram to run. There are plenty of resources out there and I have collected the information from each and every one of them, but I have not found a solution to this problem.

Features and Benefits:


The following is an overview of the app’s features.

  • This app doesn’t display any annoying ads compared to other apps
  • If someone deletes their messages after sending them, you will still be able to read them
  • With this app, you can enable or disable read receipts just like with the original WhatsApp
  • This feature can be hidden if you do not want your typing to be visible
  • If you are busy during the day, you can enable auto-reply
  • There is no charge for the app, and you can download it free of charge on several websites
  • Within the app, there is a built-in search button that allows you to quickly find any contact or chat
  • You can add as many people as you want to one group with this app
  • The status bar’s background color can be changed
  • The color of the font can be changed by the users
  • Up to five minutes can be used to upload the status
  • A version of the app that prevents bans
  • Sending larger files is possible with WhatsApp unlike normal messaging
  • WhatsApp Gold has the best user interface, and anyone can customize it as he sees fit
  • Third-party apps cannot be used to save the status of WhatsApp using the default status saver. Using the one-click status saver, you can save any status of WhatsApp.
  • Another good option is to switch to dark mode with a single click if you don’t feel comfortable
  • Apps and chats can be locked and secured in a variety of ways
  • WhatsApp gold can be disconnected from the internet using its default setting

What’s New in the Latest update?

The latest version of WhatsApp Gold comes with a few new settings.

  • With just one click, you can send a message to all groups
  • The home screen of the app includes navigation effects
  • Notifications have been changed to a different color
  • There were a few existing errors in the app that were fixed

What is the procedure for updating WhatsApp Gold?

Since this app can’t be found on the play store, when a new version comes out you’ll have to uninstall the old WhatsApp gold and download it from a website. Only this method keeps WhatsApp gold updated.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is it possible to use both WhatsApp Gold and official WhatsApp on the same device?

The same device cannot run two different apps. WhatsApp Gold must be uninstalled from the normal WhatsApp app.

If there is an update, will I receive a notification?

The old version must be uninstalled and you must download the latest version again.

Final Words:

I have gathered all the information I have about WhatsApp gold from all the sources I have used. More reviews can be found if you wish to learn more. Overall, it is the best app because it gives users extra features that are not available in other versions.