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Whatsapp Prime Apk Download New Version 2022

A modification of the official WhatsApp app, WhatsApp Prime Apk is created by CoolDroid. The app is only available for Android phones. After using the app, users will never use the original WhatsApp again. There are hundreds of cool features that make this app unique. The installation and downloading process will be covered in detail below.

Video calls can currently only be made through WhatsApp Prime. In this section, we will explore the app’s details.

We’re always looking for more features and customization options in WhatsApp, despite being the most popular instant messaging app. Mod versions of the application are only used by people for their newest features, which is the only reason they use them.

Although Prime Whatsapp is currently used by millions, it is still among the best options for whatsapp sniffer and FM Whatsapp.

If you are tired of modded and default versions, then this app is for you. You will have a unique experience using it and conversing. If you want to share whatsapp gold apk, use anyshare. The interface can be customized in many ways, making it unique.

Download Apk File:

The apk file will not be found on Google Play Store, so you must download the new file to update the application.

Apk File Information:

App NameWhatsapp Prime
Size15 MB
Latest Versionv11.2
Total Downloads50k
Last updatedToday

Features and Benefits of Whatsapp Prime

Let’s take a closer look at its features.

An improved user interface:

The application has improved its performance and user interface more than ever before thanks to WhatsApp Prime. Video and photo sharing, as well as chatting with friends, have become as seamless as ever. king whatsapp apk download is mostly in Android mobiles. Performance and appearance are primarily affected.

Enhanced privacy features

The privacy features in WhatsApp Prime have been improved. No one has to worry about their private messages being read by others. Modified WhatsApp offers features that are available in official WhatsApp, such as reading receipts, the ability to hide the profile picture and to share status with specific contacts, and so on.

Copies in progress

If you decide you want to duplicate a status on your status bar, you can do so.

Don’t get banned

It is impossible to be banned from the original App since the rules and regulations that govern it were developed.

Set the Do Not Disturb mode to:

You can reduce the risk of being banned from WhatsApp by using the WhatsApp Prime mod APK. It is safe to say that the anti-ban system will be stronger due to the improvements.

You can share heavy files in the following way:

Files of up to 1GB can be shared via WhatsApp Prime. Pictures and videos can be shared in high quality. Additionally, more photos can be sent simultaneously. Sending pictures to recipients becomes easier this way.

File size maximum:

300 files can be transferred at once, including images, videos, or documents.

No need to download videos

Media can be viewed online without having to be downloaded.

You can customize the following:

Besides letting you customize themes, stickers, group members, and statuses, it also allows you to share larger files.

You will have instant access to these features as soon as you download the application. All these features will be available to you, and you can manage them easily.

Sending videos is limited

Video files up to 70 MB can now be sent.

Images of the highest quality

Photos delivered will meet the same quality as the originals, both in terms of resolution and file size.

Limitations of characters increased

There are more characters available now, so you can express yourself in a more expressive way.

The answer option could not be selected

Contacts cannot respond to you if you disallow them. It is necessary that you communicate with them using this feature, but they may not respond. You are almost certain to have a one-sided conversation.

Deactivate the call option:

When accidentally pressing the call button while opening a chat, the problem occurs. The call button can now be enabled whenever you want.