Whatsapp Reactions update lets us finally be ourselves

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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What you need to know

  • Whatsapp starts rolling out a new update for its ‘reactions’.
  • The new updates allow users to go from a choice of just six emojis to a full keyboard of emojis.
  • The new update may be slow as Whatsapp is rolling it out across Android and iOS devices.

Whatsapp continues to provide its users with new ways to express themselves. The latest update sees the messaging system providing its users with a full emoji keyboard.

Whatsapp boss, Will Cathcart brought the news to Twitter (Opens in a new tab) About the platform’s expanded emoji panel. The new update, which is currently rolling out across Android and iOS, will give Whatsapp emoji reactions (Opens in a new tab) Comprehensive repair. Usually, you can only choose from six emojis to use as a response to a message. The fact that users of the platform united their voices caused frustration against this fact. Whatsapp, through a Twitter video, has impacted their audio community.

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