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In order to destroy the crowd, you should carefully consider all the locations that are financially feasible for destroying the heroes. In Yolo, the player adjusts accidents to destroy heroes, which are the accidents. Users are required to neutralize characters as they progress through levels. Those who went to the wrecked ship as well as those who visited the Ferris wheel unfortunately suffered the consequences. 

Features of YOLO?

To eliminate targets, you have to solve Yolo puzzles. It’s an easy-to-play game that’s underrated. This puzzle game offers many unique features compared to regular puzzle games! Let’s take a closer look.

Concept outside the box:

Developers can make something new since there are already a lot of puzzle games available. YOLO is a death puzzle game with a unique concept. In the game, the player is a grim reaper charged with eliminating targets. 

However, simply eliminating them will not do; you’ll need to manipulate their surroundings so that it appears that the incident happened by accident. This game has several levels of increasing difficulty. Do you think you can complete them all?

There are many levels:

You can finish YOLO’s levels quickly because they start off easy. In order to get things moving down the road, things will likely require more than a few steps. As the sequence unfolds, these things become evident, sometimes without explanation. 

There are many levels to complete in this game, which allows you to improve your brain power! Can you handle it?

The design is simple:

The graphics are cute, and the 2D design is cute. To make the game more enjoyable for the players, the deaths are designed to be less violent. Despite its graphics and animation, this game is fun and original! There is a different environment for you to explore on each level.

Collect the souls of the dead: 

All targets must be eliminated in each level. Thinking outside the box and manipulating their surroundings will help you create a successful environment. Once you have collected all the souls, you can collect them individually.

Controls are simple: 

In this game, you can manipulate the environment. Getting started is as simple as tapping or swiping.

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