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Download Afk Arena Mod Apk v1.79.02 (Mod Menu/God Mode)

Would you like to know how you can get an unlimited supply of diamonds in the AFK Arena private server? You will be able to find Mod Apks for this game with unlimited diamonds and god modes.

All Heroes of the Ascended Tier can be unlocked and leveled up in this modded game.

The game features one of the world’s most popular single-player strategy games and a variety of famous heroic cards from around the world. In this game, you can build your own army of heroes and use them to defeat your enemies to win awards.

You are always searching for hidden treasures in mazes to find your way to the heart of Esperia as a skilled explorer. The objective of the game is to build a formidable team of heroes that can defeat powerful enemies.

Playing this game involves developing the perfect strategy and uncovering the secrets of maizes. It is possible to form alliances with other powerful players to dominate AFK Arena Battle.

As your hero army grows, your strength and power increase. Using this method, you are not limited by deadlines or time constraints when playing a game. One of its most compelling features is that you can easily turn the tide of battle at your fingertips.

The mighty hero pack contains most cards that must be purchased. Superhero powers can be upgraded as you progress through the game.

What is AFK Arena Mod APK?

An unofficial (cracked) modded (cracked) version of the AFK Arena game is available. By using this, users are able to gain access to unlimited diamonds, unlimited money, and unlocked heroes for free.

It is very similar to playing a role-playing game on Android. Fight hordes of evil with superheroes. An amazing storyline and great gameplay make it a great game. Your heroes will fight for you while you are away. Keep playing for more chances to win. There are so many heroes to choose from. This game has been downloaded over a million times.

You have unlocked all Treasures in the game that will let you grow fast.

  • Diamonds are limitless
  • Gain access to premium treasures
  • The challenge of God
  • Recruitment for guilds
  • The Deluxe monthly card is available for purchase
  • Any hero card can be unlocked
  • Everything is unlimited
  • Modes of God
  • Version newest of Blackmod
  • 1.64.01 is the current version
  • Take advantage of the free in-app purchase
  • Graphics of the highest quality
  • Treasures lost to time
  • Unlimit the number of heroes you can play
  • Gems without limits
  • Heroes can be leveled up easily

This game involves collecting legendary heroic cards in action heroic card games. Making the right strategic move at the right moment is the key to building a Heroic academy that can easily defeat any opponent.

The daily quests and arenas in this game will keep you engaged, unlike other strategic games. I especially enjoy the character stories, which provide endless entertainment.

Increasing your hero’s effectiveness is the goal of leveling them up in Battles. Factional Bones and Union Heroes will help you win the battle if you use them at the right time. With continuous gaming in the Gameplay Loop, you can easily complete all of the Daily or Weekly objectives in an hour.

Features & Factional Advantages of AFK Arena Mod Menu Apk?

The game is popular around the world because it is regularly updated with new stories. Additionally, it has a unique community that makes it one of the most popular single-player games.

Hundreds of Heroes:

Hundreds of heroes are available in the game. Every hero has their own unique abilities. You can choose your hero from 7 different factions. Level up your heroes to increase their abilities and powers. You’ll be the first to defeat the invading forces.

The most powerful combatant is the one who can put heroes together in a strategy. As you level up your heroes, they become more powerful. As you earn faction bonuses, new heroes can be unlocked.

Adventures with Diversity:

Additionally, it is an adventure-based game where you have the opportunity to participate in many different adventures. The game contains forgotten lands. Discover these lands and embark on a journey. Discover hidden areas as you defend yourself from evil enemies. Fighting your way out of dangerous dungeons. Completing challenges will earn you rewards.

Controls and visualizations

Astonishing graphics and effects are used in the game. You will be stunned by the 3D animation. You can also play the game with simple controls. The soundtrack of the game never gets boring.

Diamonds without limit:

There are a number of premium items that you can purchase with diamonds in this game, including Chest Rewards, Summon Heroes, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, and Mythic Gears are just some of the rewards available.

AFK Arena Mod Apk will reward you with diamonds that you can use to purchase anything you want.

The following cards are free every month:

For a monthly fee of about $3 per month, you can obtain Team Bounty Quests, Mercenary Uses, and many other things.

With the modified version, however, you will receive a free subscription. So enjoy the battle experience without worrying about money.

Heroes that have been unlocked fully include:

A game’s hero always plays a big role in its battle. Unfortunately, diamonds and money are required to unlock most of the powerful heroes, so it takes some time.

A complete overhaul was done to allow all heroes to utilize their skills and abilities.

You can earn unlimited Guild Coins:

It is not necessary to waste your time Guild Hunting for Guild Coins. With the Hacked APK file, you can generate unlimited Guild Coins.

Shopping for free:

This is the feature that I find most useful in APK Arena moded Mod Apk. You can buy any premium item available in the game store without spending a penny.

Your game’s inventory will be automatically updated with the item you are looking for after clicking on it in the store.

Additional Features:

You may also enjoy some of the following features.

  • Stunning graphics & sound
  • Ban-Resistant
  • Purchase at no cost
  • Subscriptions to premium services for free
  • User-friendly interface
  • Is God Modified

How To Download And Install AFK Arena God Mod on Android?

  • Click the button above to download the APK file
  • The official version should be uninstalled
  • Unknown resources must be allowed
  • The apk file must be installed
  • Install the software according to the instructions
  • Play the game and have fun


Is the game available on a private server?

A dedicated private server is available for the game, a highly desired feature. Among the features you will find are:

  • Level up for free with VIP
  • Subscription cards every month
  • Cards of Excellence
  • The list goes on and on

How safe is it to use Afk mods Apk?

You can safely install AFK Arena Mod Apk if you are using an Android device. There is no risk involved with playing the game.

The mod apk will give me what?

Choosing all the premium items will allow you to make your Power Hero Army. Below is a detailed list.

  • Mode de divinité
  • Unlocked through in-game purchases
  • Diamonds without limit
  • Subscriptions to Deluxe for free each month
  • Updates regularly

There are also a number of other features that can be enjoyed after the game has been installed.

Is this game available offline?

As this game relies on servers, you will have to connect to them to play it.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

New Heroes

  1. Mauler’s Desert’s Stone hero has been attached: Granit
  2. We will offer the chance to test play Granit – Desert’s Stone.
  3. The Bountiful Trials event for Granit – Desert’s Stone is now available, as well as the Guild Trials event in the Arena of Trials.


I hope you enjoy this modded version of the game. Please share it with your friends. You can also comment if you experience any issues using this AFK Arena mod or if it fails to work for you. Feel free to ask me anything you want.