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The AN WhatsApp latest version apk 2022 is considered one of the most popular versions of WhatsApp Plus, since the official WhatsApp does not have many features that users desire, so WhatsApp Plus came into existence to deliver the features users sought, and that is why the AN WhatsApp is so popular among users. Anwhatsapp +11 and AnWhatsApp +10 are available in this article for you to choose and download based on your needs.

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What Is AN WhatsApp v20?

ANWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, the developer Ammar came up with 10 different versions of AN WhatsApp, which is new to the WhatsApp Plus world. All the versions have advanced privacy controls and you can pin up to 3 conversations. The most famous ones are: an whatsapp+2, an whatsapp+4, an whatsapp+10, and anwhatsapp+11.

AN2 Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version

Android users can download AN2 Whatsapp. AN Whatsapp is available in ten versions. These versions have many features you will love. You may use alternative versions of this app if you don’t like it.

AN3 Whatsapp Apk Download For Android Phone

AN3 Whatsapp Apk File can be downloaded from the following link. Only Android phones can download it. This is a child version of ANWhatsapp. Be sure to download the most recent version before you use the app.

AN4 Whatsapp Apk Download For Android Phone

Whatsapp Apk File AN4 are you looking for? Download the AN4 whatsapp apk file by clicking the link below. This is essentially ANWhatsapp Apk’s kid version. Other versions do not have these amazing features.

AN5 Whatsapp Apk Download For Android Phone

The AN5 Whatsapp Apk can be downloaded here. There are also other versions available. This is another version of ANWhatsapp.Apps from third parties cannot be downloaded on iPhone devices.

AN6 Whatsapp Apk Download For Android Phone

You can easily download the AN6 Whatsapp apk file for your Android phone by clicking on the following link. An AWhatsApp version has been created as a child. iOS devices cannot run it. It’s a good idea to always download the newest version of the application.

AN7 Whatsapp Apk File Download New Version 2021

From the link below, you can download the new version of AN7 Whatsapp. ANWhatsapp is its parent application. Enjoy all the features of this new version. Get the official version by clicking the download button below.

AN8 Whatsapp Apk File Download For Android Device

AN8 Whatsapp: Where can I find it? The app is available in multiple versions. Click the button below to download the apk file. ANWhatsApp is its parent. If the updated version is released, we will update the links. Users usually try to download the updated version.

Info Download anwhats

Version v19
Update date 15/02/2022
Size 51.75 MB
Market Version

Latest Update of ANWhatsApp

An icon was used to distinguish the versions of ANWhatsApp. If “AN” was on the icon, it means the first version, +2 means the second version, etc.

AnWhatsApp+10 Update Latest Version

  • Pictures can be saved to your gallery if the media visibility is disabled in anwhatsapp
  • The new design for audio recording in Whatsapp+10 apk can be seen if you download itan whatsapp apk download latest version
  • You can customize the way your contacts appear with Anwhatsapp+10an whatsapp+10 apk download

ANWhatsApp Top Features

Switch between 5 accounts

You can switch between five numbers in one version of ANWhatsApp. To get access to this function, go to Ammar Adds and then select switch whatsapp download apk

Privacy Features

  • Hide your last seen and online status.
  • “Forward” messages should be stopped.
  • “Forward message” should be hidden.
  • Delete messages and statuses cannot be deleted.
  • Blue ticks, second tick, “typing” and “recording” should be whatsapp download apk

AN Media Options

The original WhatsApp limits the number of images you can send to 30, but in AN WhatsApp you can send media with 700 MB size, and it also lets you choose which media to save in your whatsapp apk download latest version

Themes Store

From the theme store, you can change the theme when you download whatsapp apk latest version. Visit our themes category to see more whatsapp apk download

Additional Features

  • Send automated replies and schedule messages.
  • The widget style can be controlled.
  • The chat and main interface should be changed.
  • Groups can be controlled.
  • Unsaved numbers can be contacted.
  • Back up your chats.

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