JTWhatsapp Apk Download New Updated Version 2022

In some cases, JTWhatsApp Apk has added features not found in other versions, such as Whatsapp aero. We can chat with friends, upload photos, watch videos, and arrange meetings through the app. 

Make sure the app you use is modified from the regular version if you plan on using it. This is not a legally acceptable or formal practice, even though it is a modified version.

Several older versions can be downloaded, including version 8.00, version 865, and version 870. You should, however, upgrade your copy later, as older versions may cause problems.

It is another popular WhatsApp mod called JTWhatsApp. Additionally, it does not reveal when you are online and adds some additional features. Moreover, it lets you log into two WhatsApp accounts at once on the same Android device.

Download Apk File:

JTWhatsApp v9.05 Update (JiMods) New Version APK Download

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JTWhatsapp Apk File Detail:

App Name JTWhatsapp
Size 45 MB
Latest Version V8.85
Developer Jimtechs
Requirements Android 4.0+
Category Communication
Last updated Today

How can you benefit from using this app?

  • Sharing 90 photos is easier than sharing 10.
  • Unlike whatsapp sniffer, this app does not impact the original quality of your images.
  • Your status is now visible to more than 150 members.
  • There are dozens of themes to choose from, so you can customize the theme every day.
  • It is also possible to customize the colors, icons, and sizes, as well as the themes.
  • There will be no advertisements on this site.
  • With just one click, you can share anything.
  • During a chat, you will be able to see your status directly on the chat screen
  • On the Instant Message screen, you can hide the profile photos and show only photos from your Phone Book.
  • On a single computer, you can use the app on two accounts simultaneously.
  • The maximum size of the video you can download is now 30GB instead of 16GB.
  • Your contacts will not be able to see when you last logged in.
  • Several formats are available for saving documents.
  • Chatting with your contacts is possible while you watch their status.
  • It is also possible to hide your online presence, 1.e. the last time you logged in.
  • You can share just a portion of the text instead of copying the entire thing.

As seen at the beginning of this article, JTWhatsApp has over 100 features that the original WhatsApp application lacks, including

  • There is no need to load the media to view the preview.
  • It would be useful to show who is online and who last visited the site in the main screen.
  • In the past, 16 MB of video was being sent. Now 30 MB are being sent.
  • The maximum number of pictures you can send is 90.
  • Status words should have 250 characters.
  • The Play Store version is
  • You can’t ban almost anything.
  • Assists with calls.
  • The name and date can be hidden if you send the copy to another person.
  • We now support the following file formats: PDF, xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, rtf, docx, pptx, and zip doc.
  • It’s easy to change Emojis!
  • Zooming in is possible for profile footage.
  • The “Last Seen” feature can be disabled.
  • Statistics for a specific group compiled by counters.
  •  Admin identification and sender details are not saved when browsing through chat links.
  • Sharing links on a friend’s status is easy if you want to do so
  • You can download/apply themes using theme mods and desktop applications.
  • A double tick and a bubble can be hidden
  • A traditional message is more likely to be recognized than a broadcast message.


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