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NEWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version v7.05 for Android

The NEWhatsApp APK is a modified version of pink WhatsApp available for free download. The default color can be changed, however, if you don’t like it. Another option is to upload another theme.

About NEWhatsApp APK

Altornedo7 provides the app, which is compatible with any Android device. It is important to know that this is the alternative version, not the original version, before looking at the version details. If you intrested more social media application then download the Golden whatsapp apk.

It has many of the same features as NEWhatsApp, unlike Fouad WhatsApp and NAWhatsapp.

NEWhatsApp APK Download

Android users can communicate remotely with their friends using NE Whatsapp Messenger. I prefer it to WhatsApp because it is more officially licensed. The pink color makes it even better.

Great Features:

  • Disabling automatic text entry options
  • In the section titled “Privacy” you can adjust your privacy settings
  • You can hide the names of contacts and groups in the chat screen
  • An interview card is a tool for organizing interviews.
  • Additionally, there are other signs
  • Additional bubbles
  • The notification icons are numerous
  • The home screen can be customized in seven different ways)
  • Adapt font style and fonts with (70 fonts)
  • Select Launcher to hide the icon and name of the application.
  • Start the home screen by displaying the last line or symbol
  • Instead of 16MB, upload a video of 50MB.
  • It is possible to send 90 photos instead of 10.
  • Replace the 139 characters in your status with more than 250
  • A chat screen where users can share links without sending their sender number or administrator number
  • By clicking on the links, you can see the status of your friends
  • Messages and normal broadcasts must be distinguished by the system
  • Names and dates may be hidden when sending multiple messages.
  • Text can be encrypted
  • The text size can be increased.
  • Three new shapes have been added to the main screen
  • If you like the old emojis, you can use them.
  • Your name can be displayed on the home screen
  • You can set multiple screens as wallpaper
  • You can use a variety of animation effects to enhance your conversation.
  • Reply automatically via SMS / Email (Autoresponder can be set up to respond 10000 times)
  • An unknown number can be contacted or a message sent.
  • Translation from one language into another.
  • Statuses and stories can be downloaded.

Download and Installation Guidelines

  • The application can be easily downloaded and installed. Here are the steps to take once you have it installed.
  • Back up your WhatsApp messages completely
  • From our site, you can download the apk.

The NEWhatsApp Apk adds new features to WhatsApp, as well as allows customization options. It gives you access to some features of WhatsApp, such as privacy settings and other personalization options. coocoo whatsapp apk are very unique and latest version.

Final Verdict

NEOWhatsApp APK mode is the most visually appealing and efficient display option in WhatsApp. Mods like this are simple, which is why they are so popular. Over 1.5 billion people use this app globally.

Users can customise the app to look exactly like their NEWhatsApp by selecting from a variety of options. In addition, customers can choose privacy or interface, depending on their needs.