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Download Shadow Fight Arena Mod APK (Defense/Damage) Android

In Shadow Fight Arena (MOD, High Damage/Freeze Bot), players will be able to experience new fighting elements using complex mechanics and technical systems.

This game is sure to appeal to fans of action-fighting games. The best thing about it is that it is an Android-compatible mobile PvP fighting game that is free to play. The game has hero selection and battle areas just like 3D electromagnetic games.

Brief Intro:


⚔️You can play a free 3D fighting game online. Two players can battle each other. You’re in the Ninja world! Prepare yourself!⚔️

★★★ (DevGAMM Awards) Best Mobile Game of 2020 ★★★

★★★ Shadow Fight games have been downloaded over 500 million times ★★★

The Shadow Fight Arena fighting game has received positive reviews from players, however. This is the official Darkness rises apk, you can now download it from google play. The game is one of the best fighting action games available on mobile devices today, and a lot of people enjoy it. As the only game with direct combat PvP, the game is unique. The game is played online between two players.

Furthermore, the game features a variety of characters with unique fighting abilities, so you can choose who to fight with. Nekki developed the game. Immerse yourself in dazzling 3D graphics and thrilling action. Players will experience challenging challenges that surprise them, along with simple, easy control of characters.

Features of Shadow Fight Arena Mod APK:

Features of Shadow Fight Arena Mod APK


A number of characters and legends can be found in the game. There are also other skilled warriors that you can face on the battlefield, in addition to the characters you unlock.

You can unlock Legendary Shadow Fight, the team’s most powerful hero, to join the fight. To unlock the Monk character, players must overcome challenges on the battle screen.

There is a lot of action here, and the player has trouble keeping up, like in other action games. To win, you must adapt quickly to the situation with punches, kicks, and slashes. Practice will help you understand the fight better after completing several levels.

Ninja and Shadow engage in an unusual fight

The game is the #8 most popular role-playing game on Android. Over one million downloads have been recorded for Shadow Fight 3, making it the most popular Simulation and Role-Playing game in history.

The goal of this game is to acquire resources by defeating legendaries and facing a variety of enemies. This game follows the same plot as Shadow Fight, in that you must battle and defeat legendary enemies.

The same gaming interface in Shadow Fight lets you compete with all your friends in multiplayer 1v1 and PvP battles. The modified version can be downloaded from the link below, registered, and then enjoyed!

Discover the most formidable rivals and most unusual heroes

There are no original ideas behind the superpowers of the supervillains, and all of them are virtual. The Shadow Fight Arena is only accessible to those who have never been there before. In this realistic Android game, you’ll meet the game’s toughest heroes. If u intrested more games then download the Summoners war mod apk. There are three villains from each season of Shadow Fight, and Shadow is the strongest hero.

Among the heroes featured in the Arena season were Azuma, Kibo, Yukka, and Jet. Distinct fighters give you access to a variety of powers and talents. This immersive fight experience is Shadow Fight Arena.

Take advantage of the unlimited money and resources

Take advantage of the unlimited money and resources

You can earn virtual gaming currency in all seasons of the game. The more diamonds and coins you have, the more assets and legendary fighters you can buy.

There’s no need to worry about Coins and Diamonds running out, since Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK will give you unlimited resources.

You can upgrade all your skills to the supreme stage, but you cannot upgrade your weapons. Please click the green below-most download button to download the game modification for Android.

An attack that deals 100% damage

Within the Shadow Fight series, there are six different levels of difficulty: Easy, Very Easy, Normal, Hard, Difficult, and Impossible. In addition, you will have to deal with immortal opponents whose skills and weapons are unbeatable. With Shadow Fight Arena MOD APK’s Increased Damage MOD, you can defeat even the most challenging fights. Stop thinking and install it now.

Mod Features:

A cool 3D graphic:

A fighting game unlike any other, this game offers realistic animations and high-quality 3D graphics.

Controls are simple:

With your mobile device, you can experience a console-level battle experience by controlling your hero like you would in the best classical fighting games.

Multiplayer games that are fun:

A three-person team can be created for online multiplayer.

Defeating all the heroes of your opponent is the only way to win a battle. Advanced bots can also be battled offline!

Heroes of history:

Gather the best warriors, samurai, and ninja to form a team. As you collect and upgrade heroes, you can customize their abilities to fit your style.

Heroes have the following talents:

As you level up, you’ll learn cool ninja skills. You can boost your battle win rate by picking the right talents, changing them, and experimenting. Determine what style suits you best! Have fun!

Passes for fights:

Get coins and chests for winning every month! You can get premium cosmetic items and free bonus cards by subscribing without ads.

A friendly brawl:

Test your skills by challenging a friend to a Shadow Fight duel. You can do some serious practice or beat up your friends if you invite them or join one who is already playing!

The following cosmetic items and customizations are available:

Download Shadow Fight Arena Mod APK

Win with style with cool hero skins

You can use emoticons and taunts during a fight to show your superiority or to thank your opponent for a good performance

With cool 3D action animations, celebrate your victory with epic stances and ninja moves

You can become the best fighter if you do the following:

The arena is best used after watching tutorial videos, practicing with friends, and participating in the community.

Play-by-play tournaments online:

By participating in tournaments, you have the opportunity to win prizes and experience cool things. You can win great prizes by placing high, but losing a few times will end your career. Try again to compete for the top spot!


If you wish to communicate with other players, you can join our Discord server, Facebook group, or Reddit page. Keep up-to-date with all the latest news and learn about the secrets of other players. Make friends and have fun!

A lot of people have wanted a PvP fighting game on their mobile devices. The arena fills that need. It will appeal to everyone. In addition to brawling for ratings, you can play for fun by going offline, and if you want to take a break, you can brawl for ratings again. If only life was that easy. The game is free as well!