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ANWhatsapp Apk Download New Updated Version 2022

One of the most popular versions of WhatsApp, ANWhatsApp Apk, has a wide variety of additional features not found in original WhatsApp. Currently, there are ten versions of the app available. New versions can be downloaded from the app store. We will walk you through each version and show you how to download the latest version during this article.

More info about ANWhatsapp?

The developer Ammar created 10 variants of ANWhatsApp+10, each more user-friendly than the standard WhatsApp app. A single chat can be pinned to your camera roll with multiple images and videos. You can also use NAWhatsapp or WhatsappMA as alternative versions.

The standard WhatsApp app has been replaced by a more advanced version. Among its features is the ability to increase the number of chat users as well as to share pictures and videos via multimedia.

Download ANWhatsapp Apk 2021:

ANWhatsapp Apk

What’s New in the Latest Version?

After it was created by a developer named Ammar, it was recently updated on 15/12/2020. If you want to share Anwhatsapp golden apk, use anyshare. It is widely known that each new version lasts roughly 4 to 5 months until the next one appears.

It can easily be determined by an icon which version of ANWhatsApp it is, for instance “AN” indicates the first and second versions, etc.

AN Whatsapp has the following features:

  • Media downloads can now be stopped automatically.
  • Use the new feature to reject ringing calls simultaneously and simultaneously reject ringing calls.
  • With advanced search, you can improve your search.
  • When your friend is online, a circle will appear next to his name on the home page.
  • Five different versions are available for each version. Select the one you prefer.
  • Self-hidden messages can be turned off or enabled.
  • You can schedule messages and send automatic replies.
  • Styles can be managed for widgets.
  • The main interface and chat can be customized in the app.
  • WhatsApp offers a wide variety of themes that can be changed.
  • The options can be used to control the groups.
  • Quick chats can be accessed without leaving the main interface.
  • You can also send the same message multiple times by clicking another button.
  • Shared media files cannot exceed 700 MB in size.
  • Contact online toast can be enabled or disabled
  • Unsaved numbers can be contacted.
  • Backup of conversations and data is available.
  • Whenever your contact goes online, you’ll receive a toast notification.
  • Enable profile picture toast to receive notifications when someone changes their profile picture.
  • The toast can be positioned at the top or at the bottom
  • In WhatsApp, you can lock the app with a pattern or pin code, set a backup question, and answer it to improve security.
  • The last seen and online statuses can be hidden.
  • Hiding forwarding message tags is recommended.
  • Prevent the deletion of messages and status updates.
  • Removing the blue tick, second tick, “typing”, and “recording”