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Plague Inc MOD APK v1.18.6 [Unlocked/Unlimited DNA] Download 2021

You can infect the entire world, but can you spread it? Plague Inc. combines high strategy with terrifyingly realistic simulation in a truly unique way.

‘Patient Zero’ has just been infected by your pathogen. Now, you are tasked with ending human history by evolving a deadly, global plague while adapting to everything humanity can do to defend itself.

Plague Inc., from developer Ndemic Creations, is a riveting strategy game with innovative gameplay, built from the ground up for touchscreen. This game takes mobile gaming (and you) to new heights. The strongest will survive – only you can stand up to the world!

World’s #1 top game, played more than four billion times worldwide

The Economist, New York Post, Boston Herald, The Guardian, and London Metro have all published articles about Plague Inc. The game has received over half a million 5-star ratings!

At the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Plague Inc.’s developer presented the disease modeling inside the game!

It creates a compelling environment that engages the public on important public health issues” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“Plague Inc: The Cure illustrates the complexity of a global pandemic response and the importance of international collaboration in combating such threats.” – Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

There shouldn’t be this much fun with Plague Inc.” – London Metro

The Pocket Gamer award for “Overall Game of the Year” was won

You have never had so much fun killing billions” – IGN

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(Outbreak management) 3D world with high level of detail and hyper-realism

I am extraordinarily helpful in the in-game tutorial system and help section.

Mastering 12 different types of diseases with radically different strategies (12 monkeys?)

The full functionality of saving and loading (28 saves later!)

A pandemic evolved from infecting 50+ countries, evolving hundreds of traits, and adapting to thousands of world events.

Scoreboards and achievements are fully supported

New expansion updates include Neurax Worm, the Necroa Virus that creates zombies, Speed Runs, and real-life scenarios!

Is it possible for you to save the world? Join our biggest expansion ever to stop a deadly global plague!

Translated into English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, and Russian. Additional languages will be added soon.

If you got all the themed literature references, you deserve a pat on the back!

Throughout the past four and a half billion years that the world has existed, there have been many disasters. Over the millions of years that humanity has existed, it has faced many challenges.

Over the years, we’ve survived numerous calamities, epidemics, and disasters. A global pandemic is currently afflicting us. So, Plague Inc should be the top option if you’re looking for a game that’s timely.

Download plague inc mod apk

NamePlague Inc
Compatible withAndroid 4.3+
Last version1.18.6
Size75.8 MB
MODUnlimited DNA Points
Google Play Linkcom.miniclip.plagueinc

Despite the controversy surrounding this game, especially since we are currently undergoing a pandemic, it has been around for years. The game has become much more popular since the pandemic.

Suppose you want to infect the entire planet with a deadly pathogen. While you strategize where to place the virus, you will play the role of an infector. Then you’ll be able to simulate an outbreak with different types of diseases.

Plague Inc. infects the world with disease

Humanity has faced a great deal of diseases and disasters in its years of existence. If u intrested more games then download the Raid shadow legends mod apk. Despite facing many challenges, we’ve always been able to survive them all, since we’re all still here.

Plague Inc Mod Apk

Plague Inc mod apkHence, if you are curious about how a virus spreads, now is the time to play Plague Inc. Here, you will be able to spread a pathogen around the world and turn it into a pandemic. There is a lot to learn about epidemics in this educational game.

Through a pathogen that you release, you can infect as many people as possible. As many airplanes and ships pass through the country daily, you will find it spreading across the country once it is removed.

The virus can then be evolved to infect more people and strategically spread all over the world. Attempting to infect 100% of the world’s population is more difficult than it sounds.

plague inc mod apk unlimited dna points

You can use a variety of disease types here, and there are a variety of strategies to use for each.

Highlights of Plague Inc

Plague Inc is the perfect game to play when the world is experiencing a pandemic. This game provides a lot of information about pandemics.

Play Infect the World – It is fun to play a wide variety of simulation games at the moment. You’ll find some unique, dark games today if you’re not afraid to try something new.

plague inc mod apk latest version

The Google Play Store is full of so many exciting mobile games these days. You should try Plague Inc. if you love playing such games. Since 2005, this game has won several awards.

Since we are currently facing a global pandemic, it’s currently trending. A single pathogen spread throughout the world will allow you to infect everyone. What country you start the spread in is entirely up to you!

Viruses can be upgraded as you play, and there are over 50 countries to infect here. Play today and infect as many people as you can. Also, you can check out the expansion pack now!

Use 12 diseases to infect the whole planet – It is possible to infect the entire planet with a single virus today. Twelve different diseases can be used here with different characteristics. It is possible to master each virus today to infect a large number of people.

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plague inc modded

The spread of the infection will begin as soon as you choose a crowded place, and you will be able to infect one person. A lot of things must be considered, and people will start to fight back against the virus!

Upgrade – In this section, you can upgrade your virus so that it will be immune to cold and heat. The virus can also be upgraded so that it spreads more rapidly.

This game lets you upgrade your computer and learn about viruses. This page will give you a look at the virus’ symptoms, capabilities, and overview!

You can infect more than 50 countries in this game. House flipper mod apk does not require much ram to run. The number of countries that are infected is over 50 at present.

plague inc mod apk unlimited dna

You will be able to choose where you start, and you will be able to see what lockdowns and defenses the people create.

You can still enjoy this game, even though it’s controversial and dark. You can stop a deadly plague by playing an expansion pack rather than infecting the world!

Download Plague Inc Mod APK – Unlimited DNA

Plague Inc is the game you need to complete if you want to infect the world.